Try as one might it is hard to see past the greed and egocentric behavior one sees on a daily basis.

  Negative  anthropogenic  results are  the after effects that greed with egocentrically focused behavior produces. The sitcoms on many of the major networks are not a part of the solution. The programs are reaffirming self interest and (me me me) attitudes.  They stop way short of completing the connection of self centeredness and the Law Of Attraction.

  Self  interest is an important part of a healthy life style however one must go that extra step.  For the true universal laws to supply the complete rewards that are ours we must learn how to use the laws in their most efficient way. When we learn how to manifest our own desires the universe supplies it all for us. The universe is an ever abundant source that can be used continually for one self  but with real mastery you can supply for all (family,friends, whomever).

  It sounds a bit confusing to the uninitiated but that can be easily overcome with alittle investigation.  Esther and Jerry Hicks have been sharing the laws of the universe with all who will listen for a long time. They have many free videos on Youtube.

  They will tell you that we live in a world that was made for all things to prosper and expand into happiness and joy.  Abraham (a conscious energy entity) is one tool that has helped thousands of people to get a handle on being happy. In fact the one phrase that seems to have a big impact on many is “i just want to feel good”.  This little phrase can be used to realign one with the positive energy of this universe. You need to be aligned with your true intention (positive energy) to realize your true desires.

   Abraham is alittle hard to explain in a short post such as this however Esther and Jerry Hicks can really bring the teachings of Abraham to light for you. Youtube has many videos with the Hicks teaching the thoughts and ways of this universe of ours thru the guidance of Abraham.

  It is highly recommended that any study on how the universe works should start with Abraham.

Thanks for reading this blog. If you have any thoughts or ideas on this post please comment below.



  1. Where do I start? Well I was watching a show on the station nightclub fire “41”. I went on Myspace to update my status and one of my friends had a website posted with the a couple number 4s in it . I felt compelled to go to it. I couldn’t be connected so I Googles it! It led me to a site about Alternative therapy witch is of great interest to me. I clicked on it. As I was questioning mysself as to what this means the first thing I see is” your begging to understand”
    ! Uncanny! So I clicked on it and it led me here! All about the laws of the universe! The show was about someone who died in the fire and how he kept seeing 41 everywhere. A friend of my used to see 666 everywhere, I now see 1111 everywhere. My husband who is laying next to me said ” I don’t understand, what good is all this if you don’t know what it means?”. I said ” maybe its a mystery to be solved”. I thought Id share this story that had just happened and get your thoughts on it! This had also happened to me once before. I had a dream and woke up. All I could remember was “lord of the knome” so I googled it and it led me to a dream site! Again, uncanny!

    • All your searches on google are for keywords that connect to my theme in all my blogs.
      Every blog or online site I deal with is affiliated with the Journey of life in some way.
      You are on your journey of life, so you keep finding the clues the universe has meant for you
      to find and use for your benefit.
      Many people call your connection with the universe the Law Of Attraction, some call it God
      while others call it zero point energy field.
      You are being shown by the law of attraction what it is you are looking/asking for.
      Thanks for sharing your experience with me as a comment.
      Check out Gregg Braden on youtube or Esther Hicks both have the answers that are easy
      for me to understand.
      My main site is at:
      Check it out and join me on twitter or Facebook
      William Klobucar

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