Posted by: manmademoney | September 28, 2009


The Guru’s have been supplying alot of  good info on this internet marketing stuff. I along with many others have been trying to break into online income.  I’m not there yet.  What has been happening is a journey of discovery unlike any I had ever expected.

You see I along with most other internet newbies, believed most of the hype. It’s easy, you can be making money in 24 hours, just do these seven steps and those 3 steps. Well my journey of discovery has lasted over a year now.

I am not complaining! Everything I’ve ever done in the past, that had any value at all, took some time. What I would like to share is some of the AHA! moments and what they have done to farther this journey closer to the goal of online income.

You see now there are so many new techniques and protocols that I have mastered to some degree. The site is up and running, the blogs are up with articles that make some sense. Monetization is a term that has become a focus in my life along with article writing, email marketing, SEO, weblog, blog, website and about a years worth of other terms that have become my daily vocabulary. Without the links, link building, on page SEO and off page SEO I would not have anything to discuss with no one that have been my constant companion for this last year.

Yes, I’ve pretty much stayed in my cave day in and day out for the duration up to this point. The other day I did see an article on the loneliness of internet marketing. That article did jolt me out of my fixation alittle bit. What it talked about mainly was how we must include others in our  journey of discovery. Of course my old friends haven’t a clue what I talk about anymore. Words like weblog, blog, SEO, on/off page SEO have not intruded into their vocabulary yet.

The only conversations I can be a part of these days are those that are online income related. Now as mentioned earlier I am not complaining.  In fact there is a good possibility that I may be bragging  .  You see the number of AHA! moment that have been experienced this last year alone  have exceeded the number from the rest of  my entire life.

The first time you learn copy/paste, zip file extraction, download, google reader, UTC/GMT time zoning, paypal, clickbank, article submission, email marketing, autoresponder, email newsletters, adsense, adwords, keywords, market niche and niche domination are some of those AHA! moments.

The most recent ones have been two daily tweets that includes a link to some site (website,blog,hubpage,squidoo lens)that has at least one of your links in it, an article or two a day that includes your niche topic bookmarked to as many sites (blogs,websites,submission services, etc…) as you can do daily and a thousand other activities that all point towards your affiliate linkage in one way or another. These AHA! moments are what makes this journey bearable.

I intend to persevere til that magic online income AHA! moment arrives. Then I intend to redouble my efforts and kiss rain gutter installation  goodbye. Thanks for reading this post and I hope you continue to enjoy  your journey of discovery.



  1. You’re right. The internet is really just getting started and if you have a good business plan, marketing plan and great product, you can make money online. It just takes learning the skills and doing the necessary marketing.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. Great just to interact with one with knowledge. Looking forward to continual learning.

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