Posted by: manmademoney | September 8, 2009


Having shared in the writing of Robert Kiyosaki’s newest book “Conspiracy of the Rich” I feel good. You see Robert shared info on his website with his followers, during the time he was creating his latest  literary achievement.
  On the site Robert shared his line of thought while he asked questions to stimulate discussion. Through the directed discussion his followers were able to contribute the common man like quality that so mirrors Robert’s way of writing. “Conspiracy of the Rich”  helps the reader to understand  how we have no control over our own lifes if we do not control our own financial literacy.
  Robert touches on the fact that in America they/we  have neglected to include financial education in all of our schools. Economic class is the only one that is easily brought to mind as one looks back. As I recall at that time it was hard to keep the student count up in that class. It was not a highly promoted class. It also did not focus on the function of money and how to make it work for you.
  Roberts’ new book is due out this month. There is a pre release list you can sign up on at his site. He is the #1 money maker that has had a very positive impact on the financial literacy of this follower. It is highly recommended that we all continue to journey up that wonderous highway of financial independence.
  Remember financial independence  is a continuous journey with all the adventure and intrigue of any hollywood movie. Let us all enjoy it with the help of the best mentors we can find. Have a great journey.


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