Posted by: manmademoney | July 12, 2009

Smaller Carbon Foot Print

  T. Boon Pickens planned wind farm maybe on hold but that doesn’t effect the natural gas switch for vehicles. It appears that we are slowly making some head way towards the conversion of gas vehicles to natural gas. Being that the infrastructure already exists for natural gas distribution we need to continue the progress towards the switch.

  Natural gas stations are already being constructed all around California.  Europe along with other parts of the world also have a good start on natural gas stations. Plugin ev’s will be great when that electrical infrastructure is developed along with the batteries. Now is  the time to use natural gas with Hybrid electric vehicles to take advantage of our natural gas reserves.

  Just alittle heads up play by the powers that be should show us a highly economical way to help the planet and at the same time use what is available to us now. Natural gas used with plugin hybrid electric vehicles can be the next auto market that America can utilize now to help clean up our act and make a few bucks along the way.


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